QuickBooks Point of Sale Services

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop has continued to grow and has recently been updated with POS 18.0. No other POS software integrates better with the back end accounting software of QuickBooks Desktop. It is also scalable with QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop allowing for up to 20 registers at a store and up to 20 stores to be connected to each other. It is a software full of features that, with the right training, is relatively user friendly and cost effective. Miami Accountant has QuickBooks ProAdvisors that specialize in QuickBooks Point of Sale and have achieved QuickBooks Point of Sale Certification.

Miami Accountant has also been accepted into the Intuit Reseller Program and has been named an Intuit Premier Reseller. This is a program Intuit developed and has offered to a limited number of high quality firms who are experienced and meet their stringent requirements in implementing QuickBooks Point of Sale Solutions. 


We install POS software on all computers and the related hardware. We configure each workstation and the POS server to communicate properly. We will setup your file and input your company’s basic data.


We can also provide implementation services such as importing your customer lists, vendor lists, and item lists. We can setup item price levels and setup employee permissions


E-Commerce is the wave of the future. Many businesses sell out of QuickBooks POS, but do not sell on the web. Others sell on the web, but their sales on the web do not communicate with their QuickBooks POS software which results in double data entry and loss of productivity.

We can develop a web store for you that communicates with QuickBooks bi-directionally. This means your website is updated with QuickBooks POS inventory and your QuickBooks POS is updated with web orders, web payments, and web shipping information. This allows for streamlined web order processing taking a fraction of the time a non-integrated system would take to process. There would be ZERO double data entry.

We can also work with existing web stores, eBay stores, and amazon stores to integrate them with QuickBooks and remove the time consuming inefficient double data entry.

Merchant Processing

Processing credit cards in QuickBooks POS is one of the best ways to streamline your sales process. It reduces double entry and reduces errors. We can help you streamline merchant processing in QuickBooks POS giving you options such as accepting credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards. Your customers will be happy with the options and you will be happy with the cost and time savings.


We can train your entire staff on every aspect and module of the program. We customize our trainings to cover each client’s unique business and have different training packages.