Industries Served

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We have served clients in many different industries including the following:

Automotive Sales/Repair

Automotive clients need to track technician time, and parts in the repair of their customers vehicles.  Automotive clients involved in selling vehicles need to track those vehicles in their inventory, the vehicles related costs, and the profitability of each vehicle sale.  We have helped our automotive clients properly track their work orders and job costs in their repair operations.  We have helped them properly track inventory and costs for their sales operations.


Construction and Contractor businesses have expansive job cost tracking requirements.  Each job involves labor and material and can span from several days to several years.  Some companies track this activity using completed contract accounting while others track it using percentage of completion accounting.  We assist businesses with setting up their software to track every aspect of their operations and have the proper reports and results that they are expecting.

Lawn Care/Landscaping

Lawn Care and Landscaping businesses need to track employee time and need to have a good system in place for billing out monthly contracts.  We help put a system in place which allows for proper job costing and time reconciliation to payroll and allows for streamlined customer billing and management.


Law firms have the unique need to track client retainers.  As such, they are required to have good trust accounting systems in place.  We help law firms track their client funds while having a streamlined job costing system in place to track all costs spent on clients and properly bill these costs to the clients accounts.


Companies that manufacture have the unique inventory need of changing one inventory item into another inventory item.  They need to be able to track raw materials and finished goods.  We can setup bill of materials and manufacturing processes so that your inventory is always accurate and up to date.  You will know how many finished goods you can produce based on your stock of raw materials on hand.  If your company requires advanced manufacturing accounting such as work in process, we can help with that as well.


Not for Profit businesses have expanded reporting requirements when it comes to budgets and financial statements.  We work with our NFPs in setting up budgets and generating a variety of budget reports.

Property Management

QuickBooks excels at property management.  We have helped our property management clients streamline their operations with automated monthly billings of their tenants based on each tenant’s contract and in streamlining their tenant payment processing.

Real Estate/Developer

Real Estate Developers need to track construction costs by home or units.  They may have several communities for which they want to run comparative reports and properly allocate costs.  We customize client files and train them in properly recording and tracking their costs and profits.


Restaurants need to track food and drinks being purchased and consumed in the business. Accurate sales data is essential for planning out future menus and price adjustments. Sales taxes need to be filed and banks need to be properly reconciled with the daily activity. Kitchens need to receive the orders timely and wait staff needs to be able to enter the orders easily to improve efficiency. We help setup restaurant point of sale software to ensure optimal results with the only system that fully integrates with QuickBooks


We specialize in QuickBooks Point of Sale and help businesses get their stores up and running.  We help businesses know what their inventory on hand is, know what items are selling and which ones are not, know what is profitable and we put in place customer rewards and marketing programs to help retailers grow their businesses.

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesalers and Distributors have extensive inventory needs.  They may have multiple warehouses, have multiple bin locations within their warehouses, and run their inventory with multiple units of measure.  We have most of our experience in this industry.  We help clients streamline their inventory process so they can generate reports to show the profitability of each sale and to know where their inventory is at all times.  From estimate to sales order to purchase order to receiving inventory and shipping it out, we train our clients in the best practices for yielding the most efficient and cost savings results.