Accounting and Tax Services

Accounting Services

Your accounting is important to you. Without accounting, your business would have no way to measure its economic activities and you could not react or plan for the future. We offer a host of accounting services.


Outsourced bookkeeping has yielded many of our clients savings in their accounting processes. They hand over the time consuming bookkeeping function to the experts and they focus on their business. We provide bookkeeping services onsite and remotely on weekly and monthly schedules.


Outsourced controllership puts the job of closing your financials in the hands of experts. We reconcile your accounts and analyze the transactions for the month for errors and accuracy. This allows you to rely on your books when you generate reports. Controllership services are provided on a monthly schedule.

Financial Analysis

When you want to understand what the numbers mean and want to be able to gauge your businesses health, financial analysis provides you with the reports and key performance indicators (KPI) to allow you to make timely decisions on the future of your business. We provide financial analysis services on demand, on monthly, and on quarterly schedules.

Tax Services


The Internal Revenue Service and State Department of Revenues have many tax laws in place by which businesses must abide. We provide a wide array of tax services in conjunction with our partners.

Sales Tax

The State Department of Revenues have jurisdiction over sales taxes. Sales taxes are generally placed on sales of tangible goods to other businesses in the same state. However, there are countless exceptions and the reporting requirements vary from business to business. We help streamline the sales tax process with your accounting software so that you can concentrate on selling and not have to worry about what is taxable, when are taxes due, and how is it reported.

Payroll Tax

Payroll taxes are due by any business that pays employees. These taxes are due to both State and Federal agencies. There are tax tables, deposit deadlines, and filing requirements that require an expertise in the subject matter. We offer an array of payroll services, from due it yourself payroll to full service payroll. We streamline the payroll process so that it is pain free and not subject to costly errors.

Income Tax

On an annual basis, all companies must file income tax returns. Where the income is reported and what is subject to income tax varies based on your business structure and activities. We provide income tax preparation services with paperless filing and accurate results.

Tangible Tax

The State Department of Revenues require businesses that meet certain requirements to file tangible tax returns on an annual basis. This allows for the agency to calculate the tangible property taxes that become due towards the end of the year. There are exemptions in place that can benefit businesses. We analyze your company and take advantage of any exemptions available to reduce your tax liability while preparing the tangible tax returns.

1099 Tax

1099 Tax Returns are due to the Internal Revenue Service on an annual basis. They report to the IRS payments made to vendors. The reporting requirements vary by dollar thresholds, payment types, and recipient types. We analyze your company’s vendors and payments in order to properly prepare these annual forms.