QuickBooks Online Services

QuickBooks Online has grown exponentially since its release in 2001. It now has over 2.2 million subscribers. Intuit is focusing a great deal of resources into maintaining QuickBooks Online as the number 1 online accounting software. Unlike desktop software, QuickBooks Online is always up to date with the latest releases and features. Access to the data is available from anywhere, anytime, and on any platform. The QuickBooks Online App Store has hundreds of integrated apps to fulfil each company’s unique needs.



We install QuickBooks software on all computers. We configure each workstation to communicate properly with the online software. We will setup your file and input your company’s basic data. We can do remote and onsite installations.


We provide implementation services such as importing your chart of accounts, customer lists, vendor lists, and item lists. We can import customer open balances, vendor open balances, inventory quantities and values, and trial balances. We can setup item price levels and setup employee permissions.


We can train your entire staff on every aspect and module of the program. We customize our trainings to cover each client’s unique business and have different training packages.

Accounts Payable – Streamlined

Most businesses process accounts payable in a traditional manner. This involves opening bills, posting bills in QuickBooks, preparing payables reports for management to approve, printing checks, preparing checks, with bills and remittance envelopes for treasurers to sign, mailing the checks, and finally filing away the payment stubs with the bills. While this works, it is time consuming and is no longer the most efficient method for processing accounts payable. We will help streamline this aspect of your business with the latest software which scans, posts, automatically forwards to management for approval, and automatically sends payments to vendors, while keeping a paperless secure copy of the bills for your records.

Accounts Receivable – Streamlined

Most businesses process accounts receivable in a traditional manner. This involves printing invoices, mailing them to customers, hoping they pay in a timely manner, receiving payments, posting them to QuickBooks, depositing them in the bank, and filing copies for your records. This is time consuming and no longer the most efficient method for processing accounts receivables. We will help streamline this aspect of your business with the latest software which electronically sends your customers their invoices, gives your customers online portals to view and pay their invoices, and allows you to receive payments into your bank that automatically post in QuickBooks.


Most companies should have a budget. It helps control costs and gauge how a company is performing compared to its expectations. This is usually required in non-for-profits. QuickBooks has a great budgeting module. We can take the complexity out of getting your budgets into QuickBooks through direct entry or through imports. You will learn how to run budget vs. actual reports and understand where the information is coming from. We can work with your company’s unique budgeting needs and develop a customized solution to fit its needs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) provide businesses with a snapshot of the health of their business. We can generate KPI business intelligence from the data in your QuickBooks file so you have this information on a daily basis. No more waiting till the end of the month to see your company’s health. You will have your own portal where you will see the data you wish to see when and where you need it.


“E-Commerce is the wave of the future. Many businesses sell out of QuickBooks, but do not sell on the web. Others sell on the web, but their sales on the web do not communicate with their QuickBooks software which results in double data entry and loss of productivity. We can develop a web store for you that communicates with QuickBooks bi-directionally. This means your website is updated with QuickBooks inventory and your QuickBooks is updated with web orders, web payments, and web shipping information. This allows for streamlined web order processing taking a fraction of the time a non-integrated system would take to process. There would be ZERO double data entry. We can also work with existing web stores, eBay stores, and amazon stores to integrate them with QuickBooks and remove the time consuming inefficient double data entry.”

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

As small and mid-sized businesses grow and do business more business with each other and with large businesses that demand transactions be processed electronically, the need to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with QuickBooks becomes more apparent. We can help connect your business to other businesses so you can exchange information such as orders and payment information. This will allow QuickBooks to communicate with other accounting softwares. You can just run your business and not have to worry about double data entry into a vendor or customer’s accounting system.


Inventory is our specialty. We have over a decade of experience dealing mostly with companies that have inventory and run their businesses in unique ways. QuickBooks Online is constantly improving in the area of inventory and also integrates with powerful 3rd add-on inventory software. We are experts in all things inventory and can assist in the following areas:

Inventory lists with over 30K items

Rental Inventory

Drop Shipments

Multiple Warehouses

Prepaid Inventory

Bin Tracking Within Warehouses

Bar-Code Solutions

Serial # Tracking

Lot # Tracking

Multiple Units of Measure

Costing Conventions including Average Cost, FIFO, LIFO, and Specific Identification

Pricing Levels

Mobile Warehouse Management

Job Costing

Job Costing is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of management accounting. QuickBooks is very powerful in job costing, yet most businesses do not understand the way it works. We will train you in following the proper steps to have QuickBooks properly track your job costs and yield accurate job costs reports. You will know the profit made on each and every job you have.

Merchant Processing

Processing credit cards in QuickBooks is one of the best ways to streamline your accounts receivable process. It reduces double entry and improves collection times. We can help you streamline merchant processing in QuickBooks giving you options such as processing on your mobile phones, on the web, or via emailed customer forms. Your customers will be happy and you will be happy with the cost and time savings.

Paperless Office

By now most business have given paperless office some thought if they have not already done so. We have helped businesses become paperless and have developed platforms for them to break their reliance on paper in a safe and efficient manner. These businesses now operate completely paper free, no longer waste time filing and pulling files, and have their records safer than before. We can help put a customized system in place for your business.

Payroll & Human Resources

Processing payroll in QuickBooks is a great way to improve efficiency. There are many options available including ranging from self service processing to full service processing. We can help setup the option that is best for your business and setup the employees, tax payments, and tax filings.Vacation tracking and Sick tracking are two very useful modules that are often not understood by companies, and as such, these are tracked separately creating extra work and double entry. We can set this up in your payroll file and train you on proper tracking and reporting so employees always have up to date vacation and sick day status in their paystubs. Paystubs have traditionally been given to employees via paper, either as part of the physical check or if the employee is receiving direct deposit, as a separate paystub. We will setup a web portal where employees can login and view and print their paystubs for the entire year.”


QuickBooks has a very large reporting module with over 120 built-in reports. Finding the right report or customizing a report in QuickBooks is not always easy for a company to do. We are experts in reporting and can find the best report and customize it to your company’s needs so you can generate it with ease. If the report does not exist or is not available in QuickBooks, we can still build the report outside of QuickBooks where it will be automatically updated with current data from QuickBooks each time you run it.

3rd Party Add-Ons & Customized Programs

One of the best things about QuickBooks is it’s openness to 3rd party software developers. Via the Intuit Developer Network, these software developers have created specialized software that connects with QuickBooks and fills very unique needs of businesses. There are hundreds of these softwares and we work with many of the popular reporting, e-commerce, EDI, and inventory solutions.When you cannot find a software that fits your needs, sometimes you need one to be built to fill that gap in your business that is causing you to lose money in efficiency. We can help with creating custom programs that will import or extract information from QuickBooks to allow you to enter data once and get results.